Russian Railways to organise trains to Vietnam

Moscow (VNA) – JSC RZD Logistics, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, said it will organise trains from Russia to Vietnam’s Yen Vien station through China.

In its press release, the company said the demand for rail transportation of exports from Russia to Vietnam has begun to increase since 2019, adding that rail service has further thrived with the cancellation of flights due to COVID-19,  .

The demand for the transportation of milk power and food expanded by four times as compared with the previous time, it noted.

RZD Logistics Director General Dmitry Murev said transportation services on the route between Vietnam and Russia proposed by the company have drawn the attention of producers.

Exports will be transported by train from Vorsino station in Kaluga province through Zabaikalsk, Siberia and China to Yen Vien station in Hanoi, from where they are transported on road to shops around the country. The average transportation time from Vorsino to Yen Vien is 24 days.

RZD Logistics is responsible for organising the entire supply chain, while FELB, its subsidiary, forwards freight across China. The quality of logistics in Vietnam is ensured by logistics company Ratraco.

The rail route between Vietnam and Russia was launched in December 2017 in accordance with the bilateral cooperation agreement signed between Vietnam Railways and its Russian counterpart./.


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