Chinese businesses need to buy Robutsta coffee beans in the amount of about 1-200 tons per month.

Types of coffee to buy: Broken coffee beans, or type 3, type 4. Do not buy black beans. This coffee bean is used to extract essential oil and an active ingredient in coffee beans.

Enterprises who are interested and able to supply, please send samples (5-10kg) that are enough for the extraction plant. At the same time, please inform about the preliminary price and delivery time. The office will assist in sending the samples to the factory. If satisfactory, the factory representative will contact you directly to discuss.

Contacts and sample submissions:

Le Viet Hung: 0086 18368149465

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Address: 越南 贸易 促进 局 杭州 贸易 促进 办公室

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Duong Nghia